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MLP Sports Photography

Team & Sports Photography

Whether it is capturing action sports on the field or shooting volume team sports we have you covered. Set your team or organization apart with our unique style!



Are looking for a fun, reasonably priced and modern take on the old fashioned photo booth? We have the solution for you! Click to learn more!

MLP Audio & Video Productions

Audio & Video Productions

If you would rather shoot more and edit less I can help you out. I can edit and produce your weekly vlogs or the backlog of weddings staring you in the face!

More Services

Audio & Visual Editing, Headshots, Senior Shots and more...

Mark Levander


On the weekends I am a sports and lifestyle photographer.  I work with several dek hockey, ice hockey, football, soccer and cheerleading organizations as well as second shoot weddings.  During the week is when all the editing takes place.  Whether it is editing podcasts, instructional videos, commercials or sports videos, I love it all.  I love the opportunity to create something meaningful for clients.  Everyone has a story and its exciting to see the story come together.

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