Avonworth at Charleroi Boys Soccer 10.26.2020

Avonworth at Charleroi Boys Soccer 10.26.2020 This is the first playoff game in Section 3 – 2AA WPIAL boys soccer. It took place at Myron Pottios Stadium in Charleroi Pennsylvania.

Ty Patterson Advancing the ball.  Charleroi Boys Soccer

Ty Patterson playing excellent defence in the first half.

Joel Chambers on the attack for the Charleroi Cougars Boys Soccer Team vs Avonworth.

Joel Chambers on the attack for the Charleroi Cougars!

Eben McIntyre in the second half.

Eben McIntyre putting pressure on Avonworth in the second half.

Jacob Caruso scoring a goal.

Jacob Caruso scores a goal for the Charleroi Cougars!

Celebration after the goal by the Cougars.

Celebration after the goal by Jacob Caruso.

Dom Yocolano on offence for the Charleroi Cougars Boys soccer.

Dom Yocolano trying to even things up after Avonworth scored.

Avonworth at Charleroi Boys Soccer 10.26.2020

The 2020 Charleroi Boys Soccer regular season came to an end with an astonishing record overall of 14 and 1 and a conference record of 11 and 1. They had a total of 84 goals with only 14 goals against them and they shut out their opponents 6 times this season. Their outstanding record grants them home-field advantage in the first game of Section 3 -2AA WPIAL boys soccer playoffs against Avonwoth

The game was fast-paced and action-packed from the get-go, proving both teams were hungry and ready for a fight. Avonworth had the first several shots on goal early in the first half however that didn’t phase Charleroi one bit. The Cougars went on the attack relentlessly pressuring the opposition for the majority of the first half. Charleroi was able to score first early in the second half on a header by Jacob Caruso assisted by Eben McIntyre however in the end Avonworth proved to be a bit too much for the Charleroi Cougars. Subsequently, Avonworth was able to score three consecutive times to take the win.

To sum it up it was an amazing season for the Cougars, we would like to wish the graduating seniors the best of luck! However, with only two seniors leaving the team this season, Charleroi will be stacked with talent and a force to be reckoned with over the next few years. I personally cant wait to see how this plays out!

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