Charleroi Cougars Football 10.23.2020

Charleroi Cougars Football At Albert Gallatin 10.23.2020. This is the last game of the 2020 season for the Charleroi Cougars Football team. Charleroi had their backs against the wall with several key players out with injuries.

Charleroi Cougars Football 10.23.2020 Dyelan Edwards

Dyelan Edwards was all over the field with several tackles and even ran the ball a few times on offence.

Charleroi Cougars Football 10.23.2020

Jayce Johnson with a nice block to help Tyler Bercik out.

Charleroi Cougars Football 10.23.2020 Tyler Bercik

Tyler Bercik with a nice catch!

Jayce Johnson

Jayce Johnson with some positive yards!

Brendan Harps and Gianni Pellegrini

Brenden Harps hands off to Gianni Pellegrini.

Brennen Shannon

Brennen Shannon had a nice game as well.

Charleroi Cougars Football 10.23.2020

This was the last game of the season for the Charleroi Cougars football team. The game did not go in Charleroi’s favor by any means. Again they were out-sized, outmanned, and on a hostile field. Harps managed to spread the ball out to Shannon, Pellegrini, Johnson, Bercik. Dyelan Edwards also stepped up to play some offense and ran the ball on multiple occasions. Charleroi scored late in the game to prevent a shutout with a nice pass from Brendan Harps to Brennen Shannon in the back corner of the endzone! Sam Iacovangelo, another senior, had several nice kickoffs and punts to pin Albert Gallatin deep in their own territory. Ag’s high-powered offense proved to be just too much for the younger Charleroi Cougars. AG managed to score on several occasions and had several big plays.

The Charleroi Cougars have 6 seniors that will be graduating and moving on in the spring of 2021. We would like to take a minute to wish all of the graduating seniors the best of luck in the future. It was a pleasure working with all of you and hope you are successful at whatever you choose to do. Just remember that there is no substitute for hard work.

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