Cheerleading Pictures And Homecoming Festivities 10.16.20

Who wants to see some Cheerleading Pictures and Homecoming Festivities?!? It is that time of year again and homecoming is upon us! Included with the cheer pictures this week will be any pictures we took during the pregame festivities. Congratulations to all!!! Find the link below to the Cheerleading Pictures from Homecoming as well as in-game photos from the Charleroi Highschool Football game! Wait until you see some of the vehicles that brought these ladies to Myron Pottios Stadium. Who rode in on the coolest car? Leave me a comment below which is your favorite ride?!? Who will win Homecoming King and Queen??!?

5 senior cheerleaders before homecoming.

Five of this years cheerleaders made it into the homecoming court! They all happen to be seniors as well!!! Who will win? We will find out in a bit!

A picture of the cheerleaders waiting for Homecoming to start.

On the field down below the ladies gathered to support their fellow teammates!

Picture of two cheerleaders.

It was an absolutely beautiful evening and an amazing sunset! We have been lucky this season with the weather! Who is going to win Homecoming Queen!?!

Picture of the Homecoming Queen

Congratulations to Adri for being crowned this years Homecoming Queen!!

A picture of the senior cheer leaders and their coaches.

Also one final time, congratulations to all of the Charleroi Cougar Senior Cheerleaders who will be graduating this spring! Some of these ladies have been cheering since middle school. This was a very emotional night for them.

Wash at charleroi Homecoming and Cheer pictures 10.16.20

This was the third and final game the ladies on the Charleroi Cheer squad were able to participate in. They haven’t been able to go to away games due to the restrictions in crowd size. I guess cheering at only three-game is better than none! Let’s hope that they are able to strut their stuff at some basketball games! Please join me in wishing the seniors the best of luck!!!

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