Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Travel Softball – The Pittsburgh Predators 12u Ladies softball team is a busy bunch! To date they have compteted in Mt. Pleasant, Hempfield, Monroeville, and Chambersburg PA! As they prepare for their upcoming battle in Summer Slam at the Mifflin Social Club this weekend, let us reflect on some of their most recent games.

Courtney Hamer with that signature swing getting ready to crush the ball into oblivion!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball get into the swing of things!

It was an early morning start in Monroeville PA as the sun had yet to peak out from the overcast clouds. When it did, things really started to heat up! The majority of the day the ladies were on top of their game. They ended the day with a commanding win over a fierce opponent! The entire team was able to contribute to an outstanding win.

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

Makenzie Victor got the call to the mound to pitch for the Predators

Mia Johnson with a nice pop fly single.

Isabella Williams with a nice catch on a foul ball!

Day Two Remach!

Sunday warmed up pretty quick and unfortunately the Predators were feeling the heat. It was a rematch from that last game on Saturday. This game didn’t go as planned though. The opposing team got the better of the Predators in part due to an error made by the facility. In preparation for the game the pitching mound was moved back to far thus throwing off the pitchers. Even though this game didnt end in glory, there were awards handed out at the end. The awards were from a first place finish in the previous tournament in Chambersburg PA.

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

Warming up!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

What a bunch! Meeting of the minds right here!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball


Hempfield Tournament the weekend of May 16th, 2020

Jayanna Ciferno with a lead off single!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

Isabella Wieland stealing second!

Taylor Beech with a nice stretch to get the runner out at first!

Joey Hurst rounding second trying to make it home for a grand slam!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

The grand slam ball!

Williams with the windup!

Pittsburgh Predators 12u Softball

A home run and a grand slam in the same day! Nice work Joey Hurst!

Best of Luck to the Pittsburgh Predators 12u Travel Softball team in June!

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