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Team & Sports Photography

We offer full team coverage and individual player coverage of single sporting events or entire seasons. We can be contracted on a game by game basis to provide photography coverage, video coverage or both. Packages are created and priced specifically for individual clients' needs. Whether it's your child’s first season or senior season we can help you commemorate their momentous occasion.

MLP Audio & Video Productions

Audio & Video Productions

Starting a podcast or YouTube channel can be scary, you don’t need expensive gear or a fancy camera! We can help you with the initial steps, all you need is a webcam and a microphone! We can also edit your podcast to make you look and sound like the professional that you are! If you have an amazing message that you want to spread, get in touch with us today! Start now, you can do it!



Post-processing is some of the most time-consuming tasks a creator has to deal with. We can help you through your backlog of wedding videos that you need to edit. We can also edit your raw footage into something more presentable. We can add motion graphics, overlays and even music to a video that you have already taken. We can also edit your pictures into a slide show if that is what you are looking for.

MLP Headshot

Professional Headshots

If you are the face of your company or brand then your head-shot sets the tone. First impressions are everything. The majority of people start their research on the internet with your web site. We can provide quality corporate headshots for individuals as well as your entire group or office.

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Senior Photos

We offer several different experiences when it comes to high school senior portraits. From simple yearbook headshots to multiple locations and wardrobe changes, we have it covered. Our main goal is to help your senior tell their story with images that reflect who THEY really are.


Video Memories Montage

Let us turn your pictures and video of your special someone into a memorable video montage.  We can take the pictures and video that you have, create a video slide show and then set it to music.  We can put it on a DVD for you or even share it to Facebook or Youtube!  Please contact us for more information and pricing.

MLP Green screen

Green screen

Do you have a photo or video that you need shot on a green screen? We have a large studio space that includes a 10×20 green screen backdrop. We also have several different lighting options to accommodate the setup. Please feel free to reach out to us with further inquiries.

Podcast studio: microphone and computer.
Podcast studio: microphone and computer.

Live Broadcast

A new service we are adding is live video broadcasting to Facebook and Youtube. We can broadcast your sporting event, annual meeting, play, recital or speech directly to your YouTube channel or Facebook page.

BAF Shoot 3


Are you looking to expand the reach of your advertising? Do you have a new product or service that you would like to highlight? Would you like to give your customer testimonials a new look? Are you a real estate agent trying to sell a listing? A well-crafted video can help in each of those situations! Video adverting is not just for TV anymore, with the developments Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter have been making. We can help with in-studio or on-location shoots as well as green screen production, motion graphics, and logo animation.


Limited Edition

Is there something unique that you are looking for in a photo, a specific theme or effect? We can work to make your vision come true. We like to try things out of the box, give us a challenge and we will try it!



Our Glow Booth is the new alternative to boring photo booths with instant text message delivery and social media sharing! Add the GIF option to bring animations to your selfie!

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