Washington At Charleroi Football Pictures 10.16.20

The Charleroi cougars come home after a spectacular shutout at Beth Center to meet conference foes Wash High. Even though Charleroi was outmatched in both size and number they did not let that affect them. The first half was a close one with Charleroi forcing several turnovers and getting to the quarterback on multiple occasions. Here are some highlight photos from the football game.

Mario Celaschi and Dyelan Edwards with a nice stop forcing a fumble!

Darius Cooper with a nice stop for a loss. Darius was all over the field this game with amazing plays on both offence and defence.

Darius Cooper with a nice run to pick up a first down!

Joshua Rodabaugh with a nice tackle preventing Wash from getting the first down!

Terrance Woods had several punt returns and catches up the middle.

Washington Prexies at charleroi cougars (homecoming)

It was a homecoming for the Charleroi Cougars at Myron Pottios stadium on the evening of October 16th, 2020. Charleroi is coming off an amazing shutout on the grass field at Beth Center. They were hoping to use that momentum in this game against the tough conference opponent, Wash High. The first have was a close one with Charleroi getting to the quarterback several times and forcing multiple turnovers. Unfortunately in the second half Washington’s sheer size and strength prevailed gaining them the victory. This was the last home game for the Charleroi Cougars this season. They will travel to Albert Gallatin for their final game of the season. Click the link below to view the game photos!

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