Charleroi @ Belle Vernon 15U

Charleroi @ Belle Vernon 15U Ladies Fastpitch – Earlier this month we had a chance to capture some action at Fairhope Athletic Field. The Charleroi Cougars were the visiting team that evening. They were facing off against Belle Vernons Lady Leps! It was a contentious battle between two 15U Ladies Fastpitch softball teams.

Starting pitcher for Belle Vernon

Starting pitcher for the Lady Leps is JoElla Heath.

Charleroi @ Belle Vernon

Emma Stefanick pitched the entire game for the Charleroi Cougars!

Charleroi @ Belle Vernon 15U Ladies Fastpitch

It was a beautiful evening in Belle Vernon for a fast-paced softball rivalry! All evening the sky’s threatened rain. The only thing that rained down that cool June evening was runs! Both teams had their fair share of taking turns crossing the plate. As the sun was setting the last call of the game was safe at home. The Lady Leps were victorious.

This is the catcher for Charleroi

Catching for the Cougars is Maddie Lancy.

Alexa Pro sliding into third.

Alexa Pro beating the throw to third!

Rounding Third on the way home!  It illustrates a run scored. Charleroi @ Belle Vernon

Lauren Vandivner heading home!

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